Barko: Nang Ako’y Iniwan ni Hesus

​” Barko”


May panahon kung saan

tayo’y naglakad sa iisang daan.

Hawak mo ang aking kamay

Puso ko’y tinuring ka’ng gabay
Dinala mo ako sa malambot na buhangin

Kung saan ang aking mga paa’y humimbing

“Tara” sabi Mo “Dito ka muna at ako’y hintayin”

Naglakad tayo sa dagat at isang bangka’y binigay sa’kin
Naramdaman ko ang dulas ng iyong kamay

Nang ako’y iyong binitawan at pinaghintay

Luha’y bumuhas habang pinanood ka’ng umalis

naguluhan at nagalit ngunit ang nanaig ay hinagpis
Higanteng agos at bagyo’y aking hinarap magisa

Bago matulog ako’y titingin sa abot-tanaw

sa pagnanais na kahit anino mo man lang aki’y matanaw

Ako’y nahirapan at puso’y nauhaw

Hindi ako umalis at hindi ako sumuko

Pag-ibig ko sayo’y di maglalaho

Buhay at kamatayan aki’y hinarap

Iyong parusa, ninais kong, saakin matapat
Dinala kita sa barko, kung saan ika’y ligtas

Sa masasamang hangin at kanilang pagaspas

Sa mga agos at kidllat

Niligtas kita sa lahat.
Ninais ko na ika’y maglakad dito

Nang walang lungkot at luha

Kaya tinago kita sa barko

Iyong pako at krus, ako na ang bahala

Pinakamalakas na agos ako ay itinumba

Sa Barko, aking mga kamay, hindi nakakapit

Pagligtas ng aking buhay ako’y di na nagabala

Pinabayaan ko na ako’y malunod ng tubig at sakit

Ako ay tumakbo

Sugat at sakit

Aki’y di pinansin

Maligtas ka lamang

Mayakap ka muli

Isag kapit aki’y naramdaman

Habang ako’y inahon ng kung sino man

Pag-ahon sa dagat ako ay natulala

sa dalawang butas, iyong kamay ang may dala

Handa na ako sumigaw. Handa na ako magalit.
God: Handa na ako masaktan. Handa na ako tabuyin.
Tao: Bago pa man sumikat ang buwan at sumayaw ang mga bitwin

Ako ay iyong hinatak. Ako ay iyong niyakap.
God: Sapagkat tapos na ang lahat. Tapos na ang lahat.
Tao:inalis mo ang luha sa aking mga mata.

Ikinamatay mo ang kamatayan ko
God: Upang buhay ko ang maging buhay mo.
Tao; At dito, sa gitna ng dagat ng mundo at himpapawid ng kahirapan, iyong muling sinabi


Tara, at tayo’y umuwi.


Irritating Thoughts of Weirdness

As I hear the whispers of the air and the dancing of the autumn leaves behind, I started to get up and ran under the footsteps of time. “I will count!” And I wondered how Time counted for Time to count means to count thyself and to count thyself is just thouroughly absurd. “You!” Time shouted. I stopped at where I was and looked at Time. “What time is it?” I looked af Time and was taken aback. “Shouldn’t you know that?”

And I woke up because it was time.

The Greatest Word in the Bible

The Bible has been in existence for nearly more than a thousand years. You might believe it or not but there is no denying the intricate making of this very wonderful nook, how consistent it is in its narrative timelime from the very beginning to the very end of the page, it’s complex characters and the inevitable theme about one of the greatest concepts of all: God.

With all this said ,what’s the most wonderful word in a book that comprises of sixty-six books written by God through different people? Many would argue but, with deep contemplation, and an active quiet time life, I have come to appreciate the three letters, one syllable word ‘But’

Think about it! The entire Bible is full of stories about God interferring with a supposed clear laws. The Old Testament is about God revealing to the early Christians about the law and how they continue to fail it. BUT God knew the law wasn’t going to save anyone so in the New Testament God introduced us to Jesus and the Age of Living Under Grace. Nothing would make what I’m saying clear except for this two verses that I think is the greatest parallelism in the Bible:

Genesis 6:6 

 God regretted that He ever made mankind. It broke His heart.”


“For God so loved the world that He gave up His one and only Son…”

It’s only chapter six of a thousand pages book and the world has already broken the Most Powerful Being’s heart! 

And perhaps after rading the verse you wouldve have continued reading the Bible with a guilt-bound and saddened heart until the day you have come across John 3:16! See the parallelism? If we broke His heart why would He sacrificed all of Him for that very world? Genesis 6:6 says that God regretted mankind BUT still, He loved that very world. So much as to give up immortality and experience death. Does that move your heart?

Let me end with one verse.

Romans 6:23 

“For the wages of sin is death BUT the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Now, imagine the horror if the verses ended with the word ‘death’. And all of us have sinned! That’s the reason why ‘but’ is the greatest word in the Bible.

God died the death we deserve so that we may live the life we don’t deserve.

Seven billion crosses supposed to be 


He took one and died for me.

The Fairy Prince and the Fair Lady

​Once upon a time, in a realm called Faeland, where magic and enchantments dwell, lived the Fairy Prince. The soon ruler of the greatest realm of magic. But there was one problem – he was in loved with another world called Earth.

One day during one of his magic training, he flew mischievously away and went to his favorite part of the castle. The ‘Portal’. This is a window that links the mortal’s world and their world. The Fairy Prince could spend forever just staring at the portal, smiling and laughing as he watched the curious ways of our world and mankind. Today, the Portal was showing a beautiful forest in spring-bloom. There where butterflies fluttering around, birds chirping, and deers galloping happily. The Prince usually sees skycrapers, buildings, cars, and metal birds called ‘airplanes’…but today was just amazing, a place in Earth beautiful like Faeland.

You must think that fairies have no rule, but they have. And the number one rule is : Fairies of whatever magic and of any nature are not to pass the Portal.

A mystery that the Prince have no knowledge in. And now, you must understand that for a long time, the Prince have managed to control the temptation of passing by the Portal, no matter how he loved to.

“HELP!” an alarming voice shouted. At first, he thought the noice came from somewhere inside the castle, but when the view in the Portal shifted to show a beautiful Fair Lady up in a tree and a bear just below trying to catch her…Nobody else was there to aid the lady except…

The Prince’s mind was racing. What was he supposed to do? The bear jumped higher almost scratching the Lady’s heel. The Prince opened his Monarch Wings and flew pass the Portal. It was a wonderful feeling, the moment he broke the surface of the Portal he felt his size grew, his wings vanishing, his heart beating…because once you passed by the Portal you become one of the inhabitant of the world you are going to. He was becoming a human. With a blink of an eye, he found himself battling the bear and saving the Lady with the help of magic. He turned the bear into a small white rabbit.

“What the hell?!” the lady exclaimed. Her long blonde her blowing wildly.

“Excuse me?” the Prince pardoned, not understanding the girl

“YOU JUST TURNED THE BEAR INTOA—how did you do that?!” the girl demanded

“Magic of course” the Prince said obviously’ ’But of course you don’t know nothing about it, am I right?” the handsome prince smiled. The maiden looked at him for a moment.

“Would you like me to help you down that poor tree?” the Prince asked and the maiden nodded. The Prince stepped forward and flew to the maiden’s aid. “My name’s Miranda by the way.”

And from that moment they became the best of friends. Teenagers they were, the prince told the maiden everything and the maiden did the same.The maiden named the Fairy Prince “Hans” because he was handsome. The Prince explained that he might never return to Faeland even if he wanted to because that’s the rule. The girl lived alone in a compartment and agreed to let the Prince stay. The girl took Hans to different places and taught him different things. Basketball, swimming, building, science, animals, wines, and eating pizzas. Sometimes the prince was so innocent that Miranda looked like the bad influence.

“You know…a stripper? Someone who…nevermind”

The Prince laughed and  asked “Why did you take drugs before? Is it like potions?”

It was the girl’s turn to giggle and shook her head “Because…its relaxing”


“Because…life is harsh most of the time.” Miranda said

“If it’s easy and happy all the time, it wouldn’t be called life, would it?” The prince said politely as he fell asleep.

As months and months pass by the maiden and the Prince found themselves falling in love with eachother. One evening the Prince took Miranda to the forest.

“So…this is a picnic right? Or is this called a date?”The Prince asked as if the question was very serious. Miranda giggled and said “Both”

The Prince clapped his hands and soon, multitude of blazing fireflies were flying all around them shining the spot where they were having their date. The moon was white as snow and circle as a pearl above them accompanied with golden twinkling stars. They have brought the white rabbit with them, they have kept it as a pet since its transformation.

“This is amazing, Hans!” thanked Miranda. The Prince stood up and  walked towards Miranda, and offered his hand. “Come…” he said calmly

Without hesitation, the maiden took it. And later they were starting to rise from the ground. Miranda hugged Hans tightly.

“Don’t let me fall..” Miranda said

“I won’t ever let you get hurt. Ever.” The Prince replied

The maiden looked at the Prince with tears rolling down her face.

“I love you.”

And the prince remembered everything. The day they first met, their adventures, their dates, their hugs, their laughs, their sadness…

“I love you too.”

And for the first time they kissed.

The very next day Miranda found the Prince without life beside her when she woke up. She yelled for help and a gnome appeared. It said that the Prince died because it was exactly one year since the fairy Prince left the Portal. That is why fairies aren’t allowed to go to Earth. Some of the magical creatures in the forest that weren’t fairies , like the gnome, attended the burial of the Fairy Prince. They watched until night where the Prince’s body glowed and turned to a bolt of light. Miranda watched as the bolt of light joined the constellations above and remembering every moment they had together. Every laugh. Everything. It was said that when the Fair Lady died, her soul turned into a star and joined the Fairy Prince at the sky…Forever. And that they were the two stars lovers look at when they are away from each other, to remind them that they will meet again.
                                               THE END

Olive Leaf: A Story of the Great Weirdness of Following God.

God, weird, trust, mother, daughter

She hated her life ever since her mom died. She pushed everone away. She had all she wanted and life was perfect, yet incomplete. It has been ten years yet the pain still crushed her heart anew everyday. It was raining. Mist have blanketed the road and not even her headlight could help. She kept on driving not minding anything. She was a sucessful business woman, yet no money could bring her mother back. And there was absolutely no one who could help her. Why was she remembering this now? Why so suddenly appear in her thoughts? But she should’nt be surprised, her mother’s death visited her memories everyday. 

Cars were passing by their light hurting her eyes which were filled with tears. She turned right and kicked the brake hard, she felt her body topple forward because of the sudden force. She looked at herself at the front mirror. Horrible. She bursted out crying, she felt the heat of her tears sliding down her cheeks. And she started slappingher lap, her shoulders, she pulled her hair. If she did’nt asked her mother to go with her to the mall that day, there would have been no accident. Her mother loved her and she would be so happy to see the sucess she had made. But she was not here.

There was a tap on her window. She raised her head and saw a boy dressed in white, he had a smile on his face, brown wavy hair, and brown eyes. 

“Go away.” She said and waved her hands to the boy, shooing him away.

But the boy remained and smiled at her. His gentle eyes focused on her. Then, the boy leaned in and breathed at the window. Fog instantly covered the portion where the boy breathed at, and with his little fingers he wrote: Do not cry, my child. All is going according to planned.

She looked at the words carefully and then looked at the boy with wide eyes. She raised her middle finger and shouted inside the car. “Go away child! Go away!”

The child’s eyes were suddenly looking down with obvious sadness. She felt the guilt in her suddenly, this was a innocent young boy who was outside in the rain, she did’nt even bother to open the car door for him. She wipped the tears on her face and was about to open the door when she realize the boy was no longer there but rather, a new message at the window : Wake up Teresa. Turn left.

Teresa looked at the message with confusion and a bit of terror. How did the boy knew her name? And what did he mean by turn left? BEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP–Teresa turned to see a bright light coming her way.
She opened her eyes. Beep.Beep.

“Teresa, please turn off your phone, dear. We just went to church, please be a nice girl.” A  sweet familliar voice said. Teresa could’nt believe it! It was her mom!She was really here! No, this must just be a dream, she closed her eyes and slapped her arms, her face her lap, oddly it felt as if she was hitting them the whole day. “Honey, what are you doing? Dont hurt yourself!”. It was really her! She jumped off the back sit and hugged her mom. “Whoa, aww. I missed your hugs. Now let go now honey, or we might get into an accident.” her mom joked and kissed her cheeks. Just then the car stopped. “So, where should we turn honey? Left or right?”

Teresa looked to the right and saw the carnival they always went to. She turned to the left and saw hundreds of cars on the road, people shouting, people cursing and in the end of the road was the mall. She remembered what was on the window.

“Turn left ,mom.” Teresa said.

She felt the car turn left. There was a deafening sound, and a bright light. Everything went black.
The police found the woman’s car and the truck that hit her near the road.

“She’s the business woman in t.v..” Said one of them. “You know, I don’t know about you but I think this lady has a smile on her face.” “It is, sir.” Said a boy passing by.

“Hey child, what are you doing here? It’s raning. Did you see what happened?”

“She finally let me in.” the boy said smiling holding an olive leaf.


There are a lot of things I want to share with people that I can’t. Not because it’s embarassing or a shameful thing but because I feel like no one’s experiencing the same thing. You feel that too? Here’s the secret: all people feel that.


As the endless sea of azure stares above,

It slithered oh so carefully like a dove

Mindful of the cold below

But watchful of its golden glow

Clinging to its fire so dear

Staring at death, without fear

A Dragon raised by the Shepherd

Destined to fire 

A Dragon raised by the Shepherd

Assured of Fire

It did what dragons do

It opened it’s mouth 

And fire blew.

It’s fire did

Than just burn

For what it did

Brought life on

It shone in the darkness

And beamed in the light

Experiencing sadness

Continuing it’s flight.