Olive Leaf: A Story of the Great Weirdness of Following God.

God, weird, trust, mother, daughter


She hated her life ever since her mom died. She pushed everone away. She had all she wanted and life was perfect, yet incomplete. It has been ten years yet the pain still crushed her heart anew everyday. It was raining. Mist have blanketed the road and not even her headlight could help. She kept on driving not minding anything. She was a sucessful business woman, yet no money could bring her mother back. And there was absolutely no one who could help her. Why was she remembering this now? Why so suddenly appear in her thoughts? But she should’nt be surprised, her mother’s death visited her memories everyday. 

Cars were passing by their light hurting her eyes which were filled with tears. She turned right and kicked the brake hard, she felt her body topple forward because of the sudden force. She looked at herself at the front mirror. Horrible. She bursted out crying, she felt the heat of her tears sliding down her cheeks. And she started slappingher lap, her shoulders, she pulled her hair. If she did’nt asked her mother to go with her to the mall that day, there would have been no accident. Her mother loved her and she would be so happy to see the sucess she had made. But she was not here.

There was a tap on her window. She raised her head and saw a boy dressed in white, he had a smile on his face, brown wavy hair, and brown eyes. 

“Go away.” She said and waved her hands to the boy, shooing him away.

But the boy remained and smiled at her. His gentle eyes focused on her. Then, the boy leaned in and breathed at the window. Fog instantly covered the portion where the boy breathed at, and with his little fingers he wrote: Do not cry, my child. All is going according to planned.

She looked at the words carefully and then looked at the boy with wide eyes. She raised her middle finger and shouted inside the car. “Go away child! Go away!”

The child’s eyes were suddenly looking down with obvious sadness. She felt the guilt in her suddenly, this was a innocent young boy who was outside in the rain, she did’nt even bother to open the car door for him. She wipped the tears on her face and was about to open the door when she realize the boy was no longer there but rather, a new message at the window : Wake up Teresa. Turn left.

Teresa looked at the message with confusion and a bit of terror. How did the boy knew her name? And what did he mean by turn left? BEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP–Teresa turned to see a bright light coming her way.
She opened her eyes. Beep.Beep.

“Teresa, please turn off your phone, dear. We just went to church, please be a nice girl.” A  sweet familliar voice said. Teresa could’nt believe it! It was her mom!She was really here! No, this must just be a dream, she closed her eyes and slapped her arms, her face her lap, oddly it felt as if she was hitting them the whole day. “Honey, what are you doing? Dont hurt yourself!”. It was really her! She jumped off the back sit and hugged her mom. “Whoa, aww. I missed your hugs. Now let go now honey, or we might get into an accident.” her mom joked and kissed her cheeks. Just then the car stopped. “So, where should we turn honey? Left or right?”

Teresa looked to the right and saw the carnival they always went to. She turned to the left and saw hundreds of cars on the road, people shouting, people cursing and in the end of the road was the mall. She remembered what was on the window.

“Turn left ,mom.” Teresa said.

She felt the car turn left. There was a deafening sound, and a bright light. Everything went black.
The police found the woman’s car and the truck that hit her near the road.

“She’s the business woman in t.v..” Said one of them. “You know, I don’t know about you but I think this lady has a smile on her face.” “It is, sir.” Said a boy passing by.

“Hey child, what are you doing here? It’s raning. Did you see what happened?”

“She finally let me in.” the boy said smiling holding an olive leaf.

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