The Greatest Word in the Bible

The Bible has been in existence for nearly more than a thousand years. You might believe it or not but there is no denying the intricate making of this very wonderful nook, how consistent it is in its narrative timelime from the very beginning to the very end of the page, it’s complex characters and the inevitable theme about one of the greatest concepts of all: God.

With all this said ,what’s the most wonderful word in a book that comprises of sixty-six books written by God through different people? Many would argue but, with deep contemplation, and an active quiet time life, I have come to appreciate the three letters, one syllable word ‘But’

Think about it! The entire Bible is full of stories about God interferring with a supposed clear laws. The Old Testament is about God revealing to the early Christians about the law and how they continue to fail it. BUT God knew the law wasn’t going to save anyone so in the New Testament God introduced us to Jesus and the Age of Living Under Grace. Nothing would make what I’m saying clear except for this two verses that I think is the greatest parallelism in the Bible:

Genesis 6:6 

 God regretted that He ever made mankind. It broke His heart.”


“For God so loved the world that He gave up His one and only Son…”

It’s only chapter six of a thousand pages book and the world has already broken the Most Powerful Being’s heart! 

And perhaps after rading the verse you wouldve have continued reading the Bible with a guilt-bound and saddened heart until the day you have come across John 3:16! See the parallelism? If we broke His heart why would He sacrificed all of Him for that very world? Genesis 6:6 says that God regretted mankind BUT still, He loved that very world. So much as to give up immortality and experience death. Does that move your heart?

Let me end with one verse.

Romans 6:23 

“For the wages of sin is death BUT the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Now, imagine the horror if the verses ended with the word ‘death’. And all of us have sinned! That’s the reason why ‘but’ is the greatest word in the Bible.

God died the death we deserve so that we may live the life we don’t deserve.

Seven billion crosses supposed to be 


He took one and died for me.


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