Moving On

Once, Time fell inlove. Oh dear, how absurdly eccentric was her falling in love! As you would probably know, Time was incharge of making sure mortals lived their time in the world meaningfully by her given limit. You must understand though, that Time had a master. The Mechanic.
One day while Time was multitasking, as she always do, giving and taking people’s life back, she noticed a man. A young lad of the wonderful African savanna. An able-bodied man reap of the excitement of life. And Time stood frozen, because before her, the man was going to end his own life.

Angered,Time went towards the man and shouted “What do you think you’re doing?”

The man looked at Time without any emotions. “I’m ending my life.”

“But..” Time mumbled looking at the man “…but…but you can’t!” Time quenched her eyebrows “You can’t do that!”

“Your not the master of my soul! You cannot stop me!”

Time was dumbfounded. For she never met a man who does what she does: taking one’s time.

“But thats my job! Not yours!” Time defensely shouted. “I’m Time! Not you!”

“Give me reasons to live then.” The man started “And I’ll let you hold my time”

And so Time spent days trying to prove to the man that life is worth living. She showed this by telling the man about ‘timeless things’.

“You live in a world where everything is limited by Me.’ Time said looking at a lion nearby ‘With that said, live your life in search for the timeless things. Things that is beyond me, beyond Time. That is the beautiful challenge the Mechanic gave to you all. To live in a time-bounded world in search of timeless things.” Time looked at the man and was happy to see stars in his eyes. “Tell me,” the man smiled “what are these timeless things?”

“Love is timeless. Friendship is timeless. Hope is timeless.’ Time said.

Time stood up from the green grass ‘I have to go now.’ 

The man was taken aback ‘You’re leaving!?’ 

Time giggled. ‘Time never stops for anyone. Exept maybe for you, dear friend.’

‘Will you come back?’ the man said very sadly.

‘I am Time. I don’t go back. Only forward. I only move on.’ Time explained. There was a tear in that smile.

‘Is there any way I could see you then?’ the man asked persistently not wanting Time to go.

But she was time. And Time moved on. Time flew. Away.
So the man, this, history does not know, spent his entire life in search for timeless things. And he found all of it. And in his last years, the man created the very first watch. A device that allowed him to see Time everyday. And when his time was done, Time stopped. But she was time, so she moved on.


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