News Feed

​*Opens Facebook account* 

“Sweetheart, dinner’s ready!” 

“Just wait!” 

*Sees 43 notifications* 

*Neil Restain and 456 people liked your profile picture*




*continues scrolling down* 

*Mark Luke Matthews accepted your friend request. See what you share now!* 

*chatbox appears* 

*Hey, Ember you look so mouth-watering in your profile picture* *Thanks, Mark! I thought you’d never accept my friend request* “DO’NT WAIT FOR ME TO GO THERE, EMBER!”

 *Hey, I got to go Mat. I’ll just log in in my phone. Gonna eat dinner! :)* 

*logs off Facebook in the computer* 

 Ember hurriedly grabbed her phone, slipped into her house sandals and dashed to the dining room where her mother and little sister were already sitted. They have’nt touch the food. Ember rolled her eyes and sat beside her little sister. 

“Move aside, dwib.” Ember said as she pushed her sister to another chair. “Ember!” Her mother said alarmingly “Be nice!”

 *logs in Facebook* 

*tapped the status box and hit the camera icon*

 *took picture of the food on the table* 

* Caption: ‘Thank You, Lord for the wonderful provision and for my sister and mother that I really love.* 

* hit post* 

“Ember, no gadgets–” 

” Whatever mom! This is just a phone! Could you chill?”

 ” Ember, you’re being rude!” 

 Ember just rolled her eyes. She took a spoonful of rice and chicken. *34 likes in just 4 minutes* 


*chatbox appears* 

* ‘Ember, I’m so blessed by your life. All evidence of God’s glory is in your timeline! I’m speechless!’*

 *’What can I say, God blesses good people like us :)’*

 *21 notification* 

“Ember, how is school?” 

*Gawain Arthur and 321 friends liked your photo.*


 “Are you getting this? Continue rolling.* 

*Goes to news feed* 

*Passes by all the religious posts*

 *Stops at Mark’s updated profile picture*

 *Gives a heart* 

*Types a comment: ‘Urg ❤’*

 “Ember why are you not talking to us?” 

“Do’nt you see I’m doing this? You would’nt understand. You do’nt have likers to maintain.” 

“Honey, your worth is not dependent on how many people liked your profile picture!” 

“You would’nt understand.”

 *continues scrolling down the news feed*

 *sees an encouragement verse from the Bible*

 *shares it with a caption: ‘I love God so much. No matter how corny it sounds liked.’* 

“I’m going to bed Ember, take care of your sister.” 

*scrolls down* 

*likes a picture* 

“Hey dwib, let’s take a picture.” 

*takes picture* 

“You freako, you did not even try to smile!”

 *posts picture with the caption: ‘With the best sister ever*

 “I’m going to bed with mommy.” 


*432 likes in just two minutes.*


 There was a screeching shout from upstairs. Ember could hear her sister calling out her name. Ember grabbed her phone, and slowly walked upstairs.  

*scrolls timeline* 

*likes all the comments in the picture*  

Ember saw her mom dead. Eyes open, blood all over her body. The window was crashed. The jewelrey box was open. Ember grabbed her phone. 

*clicks the camera*

 “Dwib, could you move closer to mother? And pose your hands as if trying to carry her. Go”

 *takes picture* 

*post in Facebook with the caption: ‘Today, God challenged my family’s faith. We’ve been robbed and mother got killed. Please help us. Please call the police.’*

 *waits until she sees it in the news feed* 

*logs out* 

*closes phone*


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