Take Me

Mr. Kung was celebrating his seventy-ninth birthday and was in the mall treating himself. He was a quiet, good-natured, simple man who found contentment in life’s smallest things.  Everything about him was touched by age except his eyes. Which were still crystal-blue and surprisingly still very sharp. Mr. Kung just finished buying himself a pair of new gardening gloves and was now heading to the bonsai shop when something vibrant caught his peripheral sight. It was a new shop. Mr Kung was very certain of it because when your a man his age, and without any family of your own, going to the mall becomes a hobby. It was a very colorful shop with paintings  and sculptures decorating the entrance. Above the glass door was the signage: : Pet Store: Everything For Free’ Amazed, Mr. Kung entered and was greeted by a man wearing a red hood. 

‘Sup old man?’ The man stank with the smell of dung but had a smiling face. Mr Kung nodded, his wrinkled cheeks wobbling.  ‘Just looking around.’ Mr Kung said throatily.  Inside the shop, were a colossal amount of variety of cages. Some big, some small, some in between. Screeches, howls, screams, and humming filled the store. The red riding hood man followed Mr Kung for assistance. ‘We have the world’s most amazing companions! From the Loch Ness Monster to the Pegasus of Heracles, its all here.’ “I’m searching for something small. Something not hard to take care of.” Red Riding Hood man directed Mr Kung to a series of drawers where small dollhouses were placed. They stopped in front of a white cheese-dollhouse with three mice wearing glasses sat and wearing a signage that says ‘Take Me’ In fact, all the animals around were wearing it. “The Three Blind Mice are excellent for you! There small, blind, and are mice!” Red promoted absurdly. Mr Kung shook his head and walked forward to another series of cages. “I’m late!” Shouted a white rabbit in a waistcoat. “This is interesting.” Red repulsively shook his head “Oh, this guy has been returned here  seventeen times! His past owners complained that he was always late for occasions and park visits!’ Red leaned in and whispered ‘Plus he’s one of those mad animals.’ There was a ‘meee’ of a lamb. Red and Mr Kung turned around and saw a lamb whiter than white. ‘Oh. You again!’ Red said frustratedly.  The lamb had very humane eyes and looked like it could talk. “What is that?” Mr. Kung asked very interested. “It’s the Lamb of God.” Red introduced. The Lamb too was wearing a ‘Take Me’ sign.  “No matter how many cages we make for the guy, the cages always break. There was even one time, I chained him to a pole so that I could feed him but chains don’t work for this Lamb.” Red said smilingly and pet the lamb. “How much for the Lamb of God?” “Oh you want this one?” Mr Kung smiled and nodded ‘Yes I would.’ ‘The Lamb is for free.’ ‘It is?’ Mr Kung asked unbelievably. Red carried the lamb and placed it in front of Mr Kung. ‘Yah. The Lamb of God is free for all. You’re the first one to ever avail it though.’ Red Pointed out. ‘Why is that?’ Mr Kung asked as he bended down and placed his hand on the lamb’s head. ‘Mostly people find it boring. Plus it has a blood stain somewhere near it’s heart’ Mr Kung carried the lamb and saw a spot of blood near its heart. “How did he get it?” Mr Kung asked feeling sorry for the lamb and wanting it more. “It fought against Death. It’s, and I’m not supposed to be saying this, the most amazing companion here in the pet shop. It doesn’t bark but it can protect you from thieves. Plus it’s a good garden companion.” Red said eyeing Mr Kung’s gardening gloves. Mr Kung smiled and removed the ‘Take Me’ sign from the lamb’s body and carried it in his arms. ‘I think this would be the one.’ ‘Wonderful.’ Red said gleefully. Red watched as Mr Kung walked away with unexplainable joy with the lamb.

 There was a ‘ting’ sound. Red walked towards the package area and saw a box from God saying ‘Good job. Here’s another one.’ Mr Kung took out the lamb from the package and put the sign on its head. Just in time because, right then, another person came in looking for a companion in life.


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