Perfect Illusion

In a sunny normal January day, Satan appeared to an innocent nine years old girl named Esme.  “Come with me and I’ll show you something.”  Satan was not the being Esmè thought he would look like. He was wearing a neat tuxedo, a white neck tie, blue pants, gold shoes and his beautiful brown hair was sleeked back. He was a very handsome man. “Where are you taking me?” Esme asked bravely. She was not afraid. God was with her, she said to herself. Satan sat beside her on her bed and calmly smiled. “To Heaven.” He said simply. Esme, at the thought of seeing God, was very excited and so she agreed. Satan took Esme under the shadows of his wings. “Be still, alright? I’m here.” Satan comforted. 

And they flew very high above the celestial ocean and was very fast. And with a blink they were in Heaven. Satan walked with Esme and did not mind all the angels who were cursing him. They came to a white throne room and there at its center was God. “Good day, Lord.” Satan bowed. “Good day.” God replied. “I came to say sorry for everything I’ve done, father.” God stood up and said “Go back to the fiery depths of hell!” 

And Esme was confused. How can a forgiving God not forgive someone? Was it all just a beautiful perfect illusion?


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