Baguio Lights

No one sees the monster as she sees it.



Katherine Katy Kate was an unappreciated  person who walks alone, sits alone, go home to her dorm alone, eats alone, and was happy alone. She was a quiet girl who did not bother anyone. Her life was simple. During Tuesdays to Fridays she would go to school and try to live up the expectation of being a student of the University of the Philippines and during weekends she would do her homeworks. These was her life ever since college started and she has to leave everything she grew up knowing and accustomed with even her family. She has little to do for friends. She doesn’t have many and those she has was only because of group works and was mostly an acquaintance relationship. But that was fine. It really was. She was that kind of person.  

Baguio was so different from the flat landscapes she grew up in. No longer was the street shadowed by skyscrapers but By the misty green canopies of the pine trees’ treetops. And the air no longer tingled with heat but of a heavenly luxurious cold. It was like being in a new country. Katherine learned to enjoy walking in Baguio as she was a person who appreciated the picturesque views Baguio offers. Sure, most of the city has been urbanized but still, it was nothing compared to other cities in the lowlands. But Katherine’s favorite spot was an open-view of a mountain side in the street going to her dorm. Only a foot tall metal railing stood as the boundary between the cliff and her. It was the most beautiful spot possibly in all creation. She would wake up at five in the morning and walk a ten seconds walk to that place and witness how the mountain side twinkle with those distant house lights that looked like orange and white stars embedded on. Baguio lights. It was a sight unappreciated and ignored by many. Most people have no time to get lost in that beautiful misty view. And Katherine was happy because she was one of this person who heard the call of those mountain side lights. It was also there that she first saw her monster. A dark figure who looked terrifyingly like her except it was crying blood and was staring at her. Katherine was soon to be followed everywhere by that monster. Before she goes to bed, the monster would float in front of her and she would see nothing but that monster and she would feel it’s bloody tears wet her face. 

“Are you alright, Katherine?” Her roomate would ask and Katherine would always reply “Dust in my eyes.” Even when she’s in the bathroom the monster would follow her and it would yell things that made Katherine not want to get out of the bathroom. But life pushed on. Forceful. Heavily. In class, her monster would often sit with her and Katherine would try to tell everyone that the monster is attacking her but she seemed fine and most people did not care. Katherine tried to call her parents and tell them about the monster so they agreed to travel to Baguio and they saw the monster. Katherine was not sure if they really saw the monster as what it really looked like because they were more sad than frightened it was then that Katherine realized the true horror: no one saw the monster as she sees it. No one understood. Before leaving, her parents gave her hugs and kisses that the monster blocked and they left her with the monster. One night, Katherine walked to the spot. The mountain stars were vividly and psychedelically vibrant. Like stars with scars that glimmered in an abyss’s  mouth. Katherine stepped forward, the gusts of cold wind kissing her entire soul. She felt the monster drag her closer to the cliff. She didn’t fight back. She watched as the lights of Baguio became larger and larger ever so vibrant every step. She watched those lights.  Will-‘o-the-wisps.

 God’s heart. 




“Do you trust me?” Her monster asked. 

“I don’t.” Katherine replied. 

She stepped closer and closer until she closed her eyes. And at the moment her eyes closed she was sure she’s going to join those beautiful unappreciated glimmers. For the last thing Katherine Katy Kate ever saw was not black but light.

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