God bless

Man is good.



In a gloomy December day, God decided to go to Starbucks and order a Hot Chocolate Frappe. He was wearing a mortal vessel as to not kill anybody with His divinity and to not draw attention to Himself. God just lost His Son and traded his throne for a creation who disowns Him. Things are not well if it was a man to look at things. God wept. 

“Are you alright mister?” The lady in the bar asked. 

God nodded. “I’m just thinking.” 

“It’s a hard life.” The girl said as she gave God’s order over to another barmaid.

 “It’s not supposed to be.” God said reminiscing the day He made Adam and Eve. 

“Yeah.” The girl absently said as she wiped off the dust on the counter. “But there are worst things than this life.”

 “Like?” God asked. 

“People. People who blame things on fate, destiny, a god.” The girl looked at God straight in the eye 

“Like, get a grip! You can’t live a life full of blame. Yet again, you can’t blame them.” The girl shrugged and chuckled. “I’m sorry sir. Stress is getting to me I guess” 

“Oh, it’s alright. I like small talks. It doesn’t happen often as before.” God said in all honesty. He was pleased with the lady. The lady grabbed God’s order from the barmaid and uncapped a pen. 

“Name, sir?” The lady asked. 

God looked at the girl. Her beautiful green eyes so vibrant on that equally dazzling dark complexion of hers. And it reminded Him of good things.

 “God.” God simply said. “My name is God.”

 The girl stared at Him for a second only. Bowed her head, and carefully wrote, with a capital ‘G’, the word: God. She smiled and handed God His hot chocolate frappe. And before standing up to leave the shop, God heard the greatest and most heart-warming words He had ever heard. For no one ever said it to Him. “God bless, God.” The lady said with all sincerity. Not expecting anything in return. Not wishing for anything to happen. God smiled that day. A smile He never did in all of eternity. 

Man is good.

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