The Most Important Bottle

This is the most important bottle that I have. For the simple reason that , in it, are the greatest treasures of friendship from the greatest guy I know. I met my best friend at the right time, when God answered my prayer to have a great friend in college. I was scared and knew so little about life. But more than a best friend this dude became a brother and helped shape how I understand things. This dude became a helper in times of desperate and hillarious situations. A listener in the days my heart skipped a beat in meeting a girl for the first time. But most importantly, he’s a brother not connected to me by blood but by choice, spirit, and everything that makes us fucking awesome.
Inside, are the things he has given me: From our friendship utensil, bubblegum wrapper plane, the strap of the umbrella he gave , his first letter to me, and more. Around it are our friendship bracelet, the string he used to wrap my present with, and finally closed with a Sunflower the day I told him I was in love and confused at the same time. And the wand we use when making unbreakable vows.
“I see how much you need him and how much he needs you.” My mother once said about our brotherhood.
This guy’s gonna be the best man in my wedding, an uncle to my children, a partner in crime, and a brother. Always.

And at the short life I think I have, I have started to keep these little moments so that one day, with this bottle, I could show how much he has given me and how much of a great person he is.


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