30 years bucket list

Meet a magician ✔

Work in a zoo

Make a movie ✔

Go to the moon

Watch an aurora borealis

Make a snowman

Make sandangel ✔

Go to disneyland

Work in Disney studios

Publish a book

Study in UP ✔

Eat dinner inside a hot air balloon

Scuba diving

Swim with dolphins.

Pet a penguin

Meet a president

Witness a shooting star ✔

Dye 1/10 of my hair white

Grow my hair for 1 year

Go to Europe

Swim in the Atlantic sea

Air dive

Participate in a very meaningful rally ✔

Make a sculpture ✔

Teach art class

Meet Daenerys Targaryen ✔

Sew a tapestry

Experience a food fight

Fall in a colossal rabbit hall

Make a robot.

Give my life to others✔

Walk on water ✔

Eat 1 liter of ice cream

Go to the beach✔

See XMen and Fantastic 4 in the MCU

Have someone close write me a short story.

Create a painting for a museum.

Touch the sky.

Buy a camera.