Blue Hair

Some people DO spend their entire lives together.


Sofra dyed her hair cerulean blue. 

She was already yelling ” No not electric blue, not ocean blue, not sky blue, just…normal blue.” Sofra was to learn that day that salesladies have no idea what ‘normal blue’ is unfortunately so she spent almost a a ridiculous amount of thirty minutes at the azure section of hair products.

Sofra felt the excitement of trying out new things ever since she retired from the corporate world six months ago. It is only now that she spent an amount of bliss, without the guilt of having responsibilities , and time for herself.

“Are you sure about dyeing your hair blue, ma’am?” the saleslady had asked with clear uncertainty in her face that Sofra, headstrong she is, did not like.

“Yes. I am quite sure, dear.” Oh how restraint of tone did Sofra did to sound kind but she wanted to yell at the girl.

“But you’re like sixty years old.”

Oh no she did not. She did not just say that. Oh

Yes, darling” she looked at the lady’s name tag “Eula how old are you?”

The saleslady have realized her mistake for going beyond her job’s call 

“Twenty-two, ma’am.”

Sofra smiled her most intimidating smile, started to look around again , and blinked “You see, when I was  your age I was in an on-the-job-training in Paris for a fashion industry as a cosmetic entrepreneur and not” she turned to look at Sofra straight at her soul “covered in thick foundation trying to cover up my irritating big mouth and working in some poor local beauty shop.”

Some of the other customers and saleslady were looking at them already but Sofra managed to still walk with a kind smile, grabbed a cerulean blue hair color and paid at the counter.

She thought about her life once she was alone in her Beatle safe from the toxic social world outside.  I love my life. And she did. What was more important was that she was also content. She has silenced everyone who has ever told her that she needed a husband and a family of her own to enjoy life to the fullest. She has survived sixty long years without ever having both of those. She has a nice country house, pention every month provided by her former office. Ever since then, she has devoted her time glamoring her garden– with much confusion wether she’d do it at the crack of dawn when no one is awake or at midnight when ,also, no one is awake ; why? She hated contributing to gender stereotype and an old lady planting flowers won’t actually help in that. The so-called Millenial Era has sparked interest in Sofra more than anything else though! Don’t get her wrong, highly educated and wealthy she might be , Sofra knows what an  app and  Wi-Fi is. What she’s trying to understand are the modern day ideologies and beliefs everyone is so chattering about. The world has gotten more sensitive than  ever Sofra would think everytime she would see the news on the television. All in all, she was a happy woman.

She was a careful but fast driver and just about fifteen minutes, she arrived at her house. The sky was already a mixture of gold and pink announcing the slumber of the sun. She opened her car and got out only to step upon the most gruesome thing for anybody to step on, dog dung.

Sofra yelped “Goodness!” To add to the sad situation, she was wearing her favourite Stilletos.

“Oh, sorry lady,” said a deep voice.

Sofra turned and saw an old man wearing a plain white polo and an irritating bright Hawaiian shorts. He  still have full set of curly  hair , though it was gray already, a very tall guy, dark eyes, a surprising physique, and a mustache that was as long as his curls. Sofra immediately saw who to blame. The man was holding a leash for a poodle. The man hurried to her, got some wipes from his pocket and a plastic and bent down to clean the dung.

“And you really waited for me to arrive before you clean up your canine’s excretion?!” Sofra exclaimed getting her own wipes from her bag

The man chuckled”Canine’s excretion? You seem to fancy words.”

“I fancy being clean!” Sofra shot back.

The old man swiped the last spot of canine excretion and sprayed alcohol on it.

“Beauty here and I are new in the neighborhood, she’s not really like this, I think she’s undergoing some biological seperation anxiety from our past home.” 

It was Sofra’s turn to laugh. “Biological seperation anxiety. And it really chose my front yard to this as …demonstration of such unheard of natural phenomena?”

“Really sorry. Truly.” The man said frankly.

Sofra looked at the white poodle and its owner one last time and rolled her eyes.

“Don’t even bother passing by here.”

“I’m David, by the way!” The old man shouted.

Sofra ignored.

“It was nice meeti–” She quickly shut the door.

She took a deep breath, removed her heels and went to change.

She spent the next hours talking to her former assistant Annie who is  twenty-nine years old on how to begin dyeing her hair.

“Sofra, there’s an instruction inside it.” Annie giggled.

“Have you forgotten what I tought you? Never trust instructions coming from the company that made what you bought!”

“Well then, atleast read the part where it says if it needs water or not”

“It doesn’t need.”

“That’s good, it’ll make our lives easier. Just por it in a container, using a paint brush or the like dubb it in your hair by section. Give it one hour to stay then go take a bath.”

“Alright, dear. Thank you very much.”

“Are you sure with the color though?”

“Yes I am dear. Now you go have dinner and send my greetings to John and the kids.” 

They both hang up.

Sofra slept with a lustrous blue hair that night.

Bang bang bang!  Sofra jolted out of her bed. Someone was knocking at the door. She grabbed her glasses by the bedside table and turned to see that it was 4:30 am. That was early even for her age. She usually wakes up at 5 in the morning. So this pissed her off. She opened the door to see David carrying a tray of cookies that were still steaming hot. It smelled crumcious Sofra won’t deny that.

“You again! What are you doimg here banging on the door like a psycho!” Sofra blurted.

“The blue hair suits you.” David said eyes clearly amazed by her hair.

Sofra tried not to smile.

“Consider this as a peace-offering for what Beauty did yesterday.”

“I’m sixty years old for crying out loud, you’re going to give me diabetes with those cookies!” Sofra said wishing he would go away.

“I’m seventy-one.” David said quiet calmly “And I have one of these everyday. I can assure you, this is not diabetic. Plus I use coco sugar.”

Sofra did feel hungry and David seems like a good man. “Do you want to come in?”

David’s face suddenly stretched into a smile and nodded.

“Is anybody home?” David asked as Sofra lead her to her pink sofa.

“No. I live by myself.” Sofra said as she took a sit on a stool infront of the sofa.

“I see.” David nodded respectfully and placed the cookie tray on the bamboo coffee table. “Please, grab some.” David insisted.

Sofra took one and oh! How the chocolate melts in her mouth!

David chuckled “I guess I did it right then.”

“What gives it away?”

“Your expression.” David smiled.

Sofra has the tendency to close her eyes to   feel things. Especially when eating.

“Oh, how embarrassing.” Sofra said brushing off the crumbs from her lap. “They’re delicious!”

“Thank you.”

And there, at a warm living room, lighted by the sun’s golden beams coming from the window, were two old souls enjoying the warmth of a beautiful talk.

Sofra and David, unexpectedly, talked for hours!  Like young spirits not running out of things to say.

“I’ve worked for the army my entire life,” David had said “Never really had the chance to marry or start a family because I only come home for an average of 34 days a year. So it’s kinda sad.” David coughed mildly and smiled “How about you?”

“Let’s just say no man succeded in pinning me down.” Sofra smiled. “I’m the only child of my parents and they’re gone now. So basically-”

“It’s just you?” David completed

And there was sadness to that… fact. Not even with Sofra’s optimism about it. Feeling alone was not the sad thing. It was feeling  lonely.

“Me too.” David said.

“Oh look at us!” Sofra laughed “Two old people born from the 40s and 50s but living in 2017 talk about feeling old!”

They both laughed throatily. 

“To be honest you don’t look like 60”

“What do I look like then?” Sofra asked wiping off a tear of joy from the corner of her eye.

“40 or 47” And they bursted out laughing.

For the next hour , David and Sofra decided to create, with much debate, a Facebook account.

Mind you, they had to ask help from the pizza delivery guy when he stopped by to give them their Cheeze Overload

“I’m guessing both of your civil status is single?”

“What?! No!” Both of them bellowed.

“Oh, you two aren’t married?” The pizza guy asked smiling.

“Could you just finish our account?” David said.

And he did. After two hours.

Then, they started to search for friends

“Those that are still alive.” David had said and they laughed hard.

By 8:00 in the evening, the two had forgotten about dinner and David asked if they could just eat outside. And Sofra agreed.

She dressed in her favorite floral dress and white knitted blazer and a county hat she had designed with ribbons and leaves. David too dressed quickly in his house.

Beauty stared as her master nervously scanned through his closet throwing hanged clothes one after another until finally he found it: a plain white polo and a navy blue sweater and a brown knaki pants.

“Do I look good?” He asked his dog and Beauty barked in response.

They found a restaurant of class in town that specializes in Japanese cuisines and there they settled. All the while David did not take off his eyes from Sofra and before they entered, David stopped.

“Can I just say something wonderful?” He smiled.

Sofra smiled and nodded

“You have the most beautiful wrinkle below those twinkling eyes.” He joked.

Sofra slapped his arm and chuckled. “Why, thank you!”

“I just figured–and I know this is a sudden idea– and I never really asked this..” David started to get jittery and sweaty.

Sofra just looked at him and smiled not minding the young couples coming in and out of the restaurant.

“If ,you know, i just would like to ask you if you’d like” he looked down and smiled then chuckled “to go on a date with me right now, right here.” David smiled “And I know we’re old.

Sofra’s smile weakened. “David…”

“Please say yes.”

“They say it’s never too late for love.” Sofra said and her smile reappered. “So I guess it’s time to see.”

“So it’s a yes then?” David said hia wrinkled face suddenly stretching into a grin.

Sofra nodded.

The celestial sky, the city lights, the young people eating, the music in the air, and time were all witnesses on how , at the age of sixty and seventy, when the world said life is ripe and is ready to fade, life began for the two old people who entered through the glass door.

Sofra smiled. Her normal blue hair on fleek.

Clearly Confused

No man has ever seen himself.


Only the mechanic humming of the fan pierced through this starry night. My only companion amidst the fear that is besieging my consciousness. I tried to focus on forcing my eyes to close and drift on to slumber but, as if wanting to torment me, it continued to scan through my dark room in search of  materializing my thoughts. I took record of the windos beside me showing the grim grove of acasias blanketed by midnight mist, I imagine a dark humane figure at its entrance smiling at me– I closed my eyes. My gaze turned to the ceiling and the shadow painted on it started to morph into a feminine figure as it obeyed my stubborn imagination I pulled my pillow and covered my eyes. But ofcourse, your being will always betray you– I slowly peeked again and was face to face with the lump below my blanket, I quickly kicked off the blanket and jump out of bed in fear of having a ghoul in it. I saw the door of the bathroom ajar and my thoughts intensifies. 

The devil slithering : Satan flying 

Murderous hands ripping the wooden floor, my skin rubbed by the  fiery cold of a sharp metal; Alice was beheaded. 

I closed my eyes shut, seeing blots of light as I forced to maintain it closed but , yet again, Lancelot betrayed Arthur — pluck!

There, at the center of the room, facing the bed was horror. I saw it, walking closely, its every step synchrobized with mine. I shook my head and beads of sweat started to slide down my forhead.

I took my pillow: it took its sheild

I quickly took my bat lying below my bed: it dashed below its bed and took its sword

“You”: “I”

What horror it is, that throughout one’s life the only face you do not see is that of yourself’s.

And that out there, someone holds that very face– one’s face.

I did’nt hesitate and I shatteted the mirror infront of me, shards of broken glass soaring off everywhere like shooting stars tearing through the sky. I let go of my bat and fell on my knees and panted. 

I looked at myself on the glass, those cursed things forever to show reality but never owning it for itself.

Brunette. Black eyes. Mole on the left cheek. Enough.

I pushed it away and stood up.

I knew who I am. Of course one knows who he is. Clearly but confused. You could know yourself but not see yourself.

“Turn around” I heard myself  whisphering.

I felt the hairs on my skin raise. 

I turned around to see the face of my murderer.

Brunette. Black eyes. Mole on the left cheek.

He pushed me away and bent down.

He knew who I was: him.

I watched as the mirror won. Forever taking over. Everyone forever clearly confused.

As death started to eat me up, I saw the eyes of those who fell victim on never knowing myself.

Blue eyes. Red eyes. Black eyes– smack!
I beheaded me.

I pushed him down the bed and picked up a broken glass. There I was: brunette, black eyes, mole on the left cheek.

We’re all around you.
Turn around, reader.