“Whore” by The Empazar

This is a Kafka poetry style of writing created during the year 2016 in the homy shelter of Starbucks.


The curls

of girls

have danced

with fans

of Kyoshi–

warriors rosy

petite lips

who sips

white slime

whilst crimes

are ongoing,

Shadows dancing

Satan calls

four walls

ringing, echoing,

inocence wavering

shattering barriers

killing liers.

Mourning mothers

creating ladders, 

their hobby

slauthering babies

fathers watching


kissing- priest

damned wrists

slashed, kissed

Seraphim, hissed

trying hard

tragically absurd

Cyclic life.

Sleepless Nights

6 pm

… it is not accepted to start your paper– or anything for that matter– with an ellipses. But I want to be honest with my writing. I have never typed in my keyboard knowing what the first letter my finger would right away click. I have never took my pen and wrote down a starting phrase right away.
6:30 pm

7: 30 pm

Maybe if I could grab some biscuits and a glass of coffee I could fnally have the functionality I desire to  make the paper.
8:30 pm

I was wrong.
9:00 pm

I lay down in bed. Open my facebook………………………………………………………………………………….


Infatuated Human


 I watched Nicolai grow up. His parents got me for his 4th birthday and I have been there ever since. I was there to witness his first steps, I was there when he was a curious babe and I had to place things away from him. I was there when he first entered school, how hard it is for me not to eat his school snacks everytime he dropped it on the floor. How I would walk him to the bus stop and how I would wait for him to return every coming of sunset. When he was a bit older, he started taking me to the park, patiently teach me tricks. I was there to protect him from a group of bullies that I chased around the neighborhood, and I was there when I met my replacement. He was in highschool and all of a sudden, I watch him abandon his video games to hold chocolates and flowers. I watched him take off his printed shirts to wear a stupid tuxedo and a stranggling necktie. I tought it was all for me– but I’m not allowed chocolates. It was for a thing they call ‘girl’. That ‘girl’ became a friend and that friend became a ‘girlfriend’. And I soon shared everything with this girl. The couch, the house, the park, the backyard, and most importantly, Nicolai. I hated it. I hated her. And during my first weeks of meeting her, I would yell at her and she’d get scared. Nicolai had to threaten me that he’ll chain me up if I did not keep quiet. So I accepted that girl. And I tought ‘What could  man’s bestfriend have against man’s girlfriend.’

 But he was young. Not rel love. Just infatuation. So they broke up.  I was there to comfort him through the nights of tears. Then when I tought everything was fine, I saw a beautiful pomeranian outside our house. Arf.