By Grace

By Grace, Amazing


I am Grace and this is what I wanted to tell you all this time.
You may not know me that well and I have no excuse why time prolonged our meeting and right now, I may not be what you need.I don’t even know how to begin or where to start…start, yes, lets us begin at the start.

I was there when you were born but you did not need me then because all of what you do, you do out of innocence then , but I looked out for you whenever you were to trip or fall uknowingly. And like all seeds, you sprung and you grew and met the world. I understand that there are times you found satisfaction with the world than you ever did with me and how can I blame you, I am rules, decrees, and orders right? If that is what you think of me I will not blame you. But I do want you to know one thing: you have never and will never loose me. 

No matter how many times you let go of the cross, I hope you know that if you call on me,  my help will never expire and I will come as fast as I can. If I have to carry your burdens just to prove that  I am for you and not against you and by your side I know you won’t shy away– I am never forsaken. 

You may have heard that Grace saves everyone. That I am amazing, a beautiful sound, that I rescue but I want you to know, and I think you deserve to know : that you have saved me in ways you do not know, my child.

I am covered by your love in searching for your love, forever ,I’ll be found in you , my child. It is through you that I can do all things and do what I am able to do. I was able to calm the seas because you reminded me that I have somebody to die for. You were the word at the beginning, the very first thing in my mind when I needed reason to defeat the grave. Oh my child, my child, oh, what a beautiful name you have. I am sorry.

I am sorry if, for you, I am too late.

Before I end please know that I’ll always silence the shout of sin and grave just to hear you sing again. In my heart, you have no equal and you have no rival and forever I’ll sing of you. Yours is my kingdom and yours is the name of names. Nothing will ever change that though mountains crumble and stars darken i will be here time-infinite. And please forgive me in advance , if you accept me again, that I’ll be running towards you crying my eyes out and of the hug I’ll give you that day.

I have never regretted dying for you.

– by Grace, Amazing