To That Unappreciated Friend: Thank You

​You might be in a group of wildcasts, of Hogwarts wizards and witches, of spies, of  princesses and princes but you’re at the farthest back. You’re not wild, you’re a Muggle, you’re always the undercover back-up agent, and the squire. And you may not care and these things does not really bother you because you love your friends but there comes sunshines and sunsets that you wonder if you really mean to them or to that one friend that really matters to you. You may be that kind of a friend they can’t invite to parties because you don’t drink nor smoke so you end up feeling bad and out of place. So most of the time, you try to understand why your friends will not  invite you. You end up hearing about their inside jokes that you have no idea what it means. You might also be that friend where you’re treated differently than the others by this particular friend. That friend is so bubbly and merry around others but when that friend is with you, it’s just serious talks. Now my dear friend, all of these are acceptable reason and I know that it hurts most of the time but I want you to know that even though they do’nt show it, they appreciate you.  About the partying reason, are you a person of faith? Or a person who just simply is repulsed by those activities? Because if you are, that only means your friends are aware of it and they love you enough to respect your beliefs. It would be even bad  for them to force you to things you dont like. They respect and love you enough not to invite you.  About your next reason have you ever tought that maybe that friend is like that only towards you is because your the only person he/she could act like that to? Maybe that friend is a bully but when around you that person is nice? Maybe that friend is a class clown but around you, that friend is sad and serious? Its because you give them chance to rest from their masks.  

So dear unappreciated friend, you are appreciated. Just keep doing what you do.  Be at the farthest back and the deepest deep because when your friends fall, when they step back, they’ll need you.